"Get your Craft on" Parties
Fairy Houses
Chose any style that you like! Every kit is a
little different so that your guests have the
freedom to be as creative as he or she would
like! Our cheerful entertainers will bring each
kit in its own brightly colored gift bag with a
variety of  stickers, gemstones, flowers, and
an ever-changing list of embellishments and
unusual decorations to fire your guests'
Looking for something different for your party?  How about a fun,
hands-on, get-your-creative-on Craft party? The kids get to make
their own original work of art that they get to take home and show
Twisted Balloons is now offering craft-centered parties!!
They come already primed, painted and ready to decorate.  Each gift bag comes with a house and
an assortment of decorations.  Plus, our talented entertainers bring their own kits of creative
awesomeness filled with small bottles of washable paint, glue and glitter.  We bring it all!
For the sports fans and mighty hunters out there, Twisted Balloons has put together some
fun kits to cater to just about any sports or outdoors enthusiast!

NOTE: Kits for specific teams may or may not be available in the quantities desired. We will
need 4-6 weeks' advance notice  to acquire needed supplies, plus a 50% non-refundable deposit
Fireman, Police and
Whether you pick the Fashion Boutique,
Flower Garden House, or the House of
Rock-n-Roll  Your guests will LOVE
making their own one-of-a-kind works of
We wouldn't leave out the guys!
Hotter than the Human Torch!
Cooler than Ice Man!
Better equipped than Batman!
Build your own hidden fortress
of awesomeness with our
Super Hero Tree Houses
Want to do a Fairy or Princess themed
party?  We can do that!  Call upon one
of our lovely Princesses or our
delightful Tinker Fairy in full fairy tale
Princess Castles
Sports, Hunting, Fishing
Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden
Craft Parties are $180 per hour, for 8 children
maximum. This includes (for each child):
1 pre-painted wooden birdhouse, a kit with
decorations (you choose the theme), glue, and one of
our fun entertainers, equipped with a handy-dandy
glue gun, to assist your creative geniuses in making
their individual masterpieces!