Richard Kennedy!

Richard's first introduction into magic was when he was 8 years old. His grandmother bought him an inexpensive
"magic set". This actually turned out to be a series of iron puzzles, not real magic tricks as Richard saw it, and
even at this age he realized that "puzzles" were not magic.

Magic was something special. Something... well, MAGICAL!

Magic whispers to Richard again in the form of Marshall Brodien and a commercial for TV Magic Cards.
Remember those?

Begging his parents for $1 (that was a lot of money back in 1977!) he purchased the TV Magic Cards and
showed the card trick to his mother who was initially impressed... until she looked through the cards and
discovered the secret! Undaunted by this small setback, and knowing there is more to magic than trick decks,
Richard began his journey into the world of magic.    

Richard's family did not have a lot of money when he was younger, so he studied every book the libraries would
let him check out. At the age of  14, he was to meet his first of many mentors who trained him for the next 6 years
in a magic shop in Portland, Oregon. During this time he became the lead magic demonstrator at the magic
shop. Later on, he was instructed in the art of face painting, balloon sculpturing, comedy, entertaining people,
and of course magic! Several hundred shows later, at the age of 21, Richard ventures out on his own into the
unknown landscape of mystery and entertainment.   

Since that formative time, Richard has become an award winning speaker and was presented with awards by the
U.S Government for performing magic for the troops. He's been a member of the Society of American Magicians,
International Brotherhood of Magicians, and PRISM. His time as an entertainer has allowed him the opportunity
to perform for audiences of all ages across the four corners of the "Lower 48" (including Hawaii) and Canada.
Richard says his greatest achievement was being allowed to entertain hundreds of U.S. military troops in
Germany and Austria, and even went to an orphanage in Hungary where Richard entertained children who had
lost their parents during the war in Bosnia.

Currently Richard makes his home in Anchorage, Alaska.